Adobe Design Achievement Awards


My Beaches and Boobs illustrations from last year were nominated for an Adobe Design Achievement award in the Fine Art – Illustration category over the summer. While they only made the semi finals and didn’t go on to win I received some valuable criticism and support from Adobe in developing my work and improving my portfolio to a more professional standard.


Rat Trap 2017

This year I’ll be featured in the Rat Trap showcase, an independent collective of artists and musicians. My piece ‘The Haircut’ will be on display there so I’ve been thinking about the different ways I can exhibit it. I’ll be meeting up with the other artists exhibiting to discuss. I’m thinking of constructing a tiered display and decorating it to further illustrate the narrative of the triptych. Also with the remaining hair I have, I’ve been looking at artists that turn animal hair into felt tiles and how I could apply those techniques to my own hair to make perhaps a partial backdrop for one of my pieces.

The Haircut


Over the summer I decided to shave all of my hair off. It was a really difficult personal decision to drastically change my look so much but I feel so much happier now I have. Shaving my hair off has totally brought me out of my vanity, the hours I wasted styling and fussing over my un cooperative hair can now be spent on more valuable things. For too long I think I centred my womanhood on my image, now I have to define my femininity and identity in who I am and what I do and I’m a much more complete person for it.

This sculptural triptych, incorporating my own hair encased in resin, documents a sequence of events directly following my shave. They are named “Bath” “Nap” and “Hair of the Dog”, the events they refer to are pretty self explanatory.

Summative Assessment



– A post about an artist that has informed your first final piece for Subject. Hope Gangloff

– A post about an artist that has informed your second final piece for Subject. Hockney and his iPad

– A post about an artist that has informed your final piece for Field. Sensory Still Life

– A post about an influential artwork you saw on a London trip, or any other trip through the year. A Bigger Splash

– A post about an artist of your choice who has inspired your work for either Subject or Field this year. Grayson Perry on Masculinity


– A post documenting one of the material projects that you did at the beginning of the year that has inspired one of your final pieces for Subject. Shaped Painting

– A post documenting one of the Field projects that has influenced the work you have made for your final piece for Field. Silhouetted Still Life

– A post documenting a new material skill that you have learnt through the year. Canvas Making

– A post documenting a piece of work that failed in some way, or did not turn out as you originally planned. Pinhole Camera Challenge

Beaches and Boobs


– A post documenting a key moment in your work through the year of your choosing. Pedicure


Sotherndown Drawing Trip

Southerndown was so beautiful, it was amazing to discover more of the Welsh landscape. It was so chalky and white and pristine. The rockpools were perfect for watercolour painting, little pockets of water you could wet your brush in. I used the salt water in the rock pools, water colour and the rocks to create these blue/green abstractions contrasting the vibrancy of the paint with he chalky white/grey of the rocks.

A Bigger Splash

Seeing David Hockney’s iconic ‘A Bigger Splash’ in person at his major Tate retrospective was a really lovely moment. I think because it’s been a work I’ve loved for a while before seeing it in person it had a lot of gravitas. The vividness of the blues and the clean cut graphic like composition was really striking and impressive. It really re-energised my excitement for painting after it had lagged for a bit.

Hope Gangloff

Hope Gangloff’s work has greatly influenced my approach to colouration and composition when producing ‘Lazy Sunday’ the gangly elongated limbs, the blueish/green tinges, the vibrancy. I was really drawn to her modern and honest painting style, her images are really raw and real and I think that really spoke to what I was trying to create in my approach to the male figure. I wanted to get across a sense of calm, peace and distance, I wanted to show contemporary living and a contemporary man. Gangloff’s imagery really captures that.