Heavy Metal

This project was a sculptural project inspired by architectural space and utilising a variety of metal work tools and processes. We began by looking at various spaces, utilising the building and studio space at my disposal I created a series of abstracted charcoal and pastel drawings exploring the connections between lines and creating a sense of structural space.


As my ideas around Inside/Outside had begun to circulate around body and gender I began thinking of the ways the body and architecture could interact, I began to look at the columns around the building and studios and drawing parallels between columns as phallic symbols of structure and power.


When it came to creating my piece my final design focused on creating something abstracted, I imagined my piece as a maquette of a much larger installation similar to the work of Richard Serra where each component is large enough to dwarf an adult human walking around and exploring the piece. The back piece leans in balancing on the sharp folding pointing one and while it’s secured and attached I intend it to create a similar physical feeling of imbalance and danger in viewers. After thinking about columns as phallic symbols I used a different sculptural processes and made a plaster cast of a penis using alginate and plaster of Paris and incorporated that amongst the abstract metal forms, I chose to cast the penis flaccid as a sort of tongue in cheek comment on reversing the power/structure element I described before.


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