I found this lab to be really conceptually informative. It really challenged my approach to thinking about our ‘light’ brief in a more experimental way more in line with my personal practice. ‘Illuminating’ something through revelation or making something clear resonated with me more conceptually than looking at light as a thing. Through two installations and one film we created a triptych in groups, rotating our projects so each smaller group made a different component of each triptych which I felt was a really engaging approach to working collaboratively.

First we had to create a short 30 second film around the idea of light my group focused on shadows and silhouettes creating a film activating a series of objects to create moving shadows and projections.

When we rotated we were given a film that had also used shadows to portray a dancing scene, we then had to focus on reimagining this in an instillation.

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We used light string and bent metal to construct fluid lines to evoke a sense of movement and dance using light to project the silhouette against the wall to capture through shadow a static abstract scene of dance. We experimented with colour and shape and capturing movement in line. We negotiated well together and came up with some really nice thoughts and problem solved together with the challenge of a short time frame and limited resources.

For the third piece were were rotated to respond to a film and installation focused on direction. The initial film showed a car driving over a painted arrow and then cut to a leave blowing away, the installation responding to that involved the audience in a arrow led journey around the university to an end point where a large window looked onto a leaf sellotaped to the ground unable to blow away. We spent some time really thinking about this conceptually about how each piece demonstrated an interesting look at direction, freedom and control. When planning our installation I found having a designer maker student in the group pretty helpful, when I and the other fine art student in the group were getting carried away conceptually having someone perhaps more practically minded in terms of physically realising a solid outcome was quite useful. For our final installation we suspended a giant arrow made out of leaves above an open bag of leaves we really wanted to emphasise the paradox between the clean cut control of the leaves forming the arrow and the escaping to freedom of the leaves spilling messily out of the bag. Our choice to leave the arrow situated in the studio it was created rather than moving it into a more clean exhibition space was also deliberate we were interested in the installation being seen amongst mess and creative clutter ; having to navigate obstacles and left objects to observe it.


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