Silhouetted Still Life

The ceramics lab was really productive, I love using clay generally and found the way we used light and shadow do deconstruct then reconstruct objects incredibly interesting.


We started off by assembling found objects to create an interesting silhouette using the blue light of a projector. Our group collected a plethora or random objects from our own studio spaced ranging from mugs and plants to bones and polystyrene heads. Unlike other groups in the lab ours seemed to go down a more figurative route using the head and vases plants and bones to construct a striking profile of a beaked woman with foliage and feathers protruding from her head.

We used the silhouette to create a drawing using inks and charcoal, getting creative with the materials so the image skewed away from the items that had formed the silhouette and recaptured its own identity. Next we hard to reconstruct our two dimensional image back into a 3D object:

For this we used cardboard, paper, plastic, tape and wire to reimagine the persona we had drawn as a physical 3D entity. We were incredibly proud of the way we were able to construct this. This would then serve as a maquette for our eventual construction in clay:


This lab was very successful not only in the new skills we learnt but also in the way we were experimental with matter and form. If I’m honest before this I think I held a very dim view of still life as quite a boring un-creative thing. This totally overrode that perception and showed we could use still life in the most creative and experimental of ways to create something really out-there and unique. I really think I learnt a lot from this lab particularly in its experimental approach to matter and form that will filter into my own individual practice.


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