David Hockney @ TATE Britain

Since my intention for Inside Outside has solidified in revealing intimate/candid scenes of my partner around the home I felt the subject matter of my work and its similarities to a lot of Hockney’s imagery warranted a visit to the current exhibition at the Tate Britain. I absolutely fell in love with his large scale paintings there and the gravity they had, his exciting and provocative use of colour, the greens and blues especially standing out for me. In the notes I made around the exhibition I scribbled down quick sketches of imagery and motifs that really resonated with me, colours and shapes that caught my eye. I was particularly impressed with Hockney’s iPad work, since much of this year I’ve been working with digital drawing/painting using adobe draw/sketch on iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. My take away inspirations from this show are definitely the use of scale in painting, I’d definitely like to make my painting work larger scale and also the installation of his iPad drawings. Having worked so much with digital artwork the question of installation has weighed heavily on me; how best can I exhibit these works at the end of the year. Hockey had some large canvas sized screens showing the time lapse of the works digital creation then displaying the finished iPad painting. It seemed to be a really engaging and effective way of demonstrating this, particularly emphasising the sense of process involved as without brush strokes or mess I feel it can be easy for people to ignore the creative process when it happens digitally rather than physically.


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