Pinhole Camera Challenge

While researching pinhole photography I came across a really interesting venture by Micheal Farrel and Chris Haynes, a ‘Straw Camera’.  Made out of 32,000 drinking straws the camera varied from a pinhole in the sense it provided a multipoint perspective of the subject. I found the imagery really imaginative and the whole concept incredibly creative and it really tested my perception of how photography could be used in a fine art context.

The Straw Cameras gave us a “net” to catch light with, and a novel view of the world to play with. The portraits depict the sitters at a resolution that is almost on a par with early television pictures. Whilst not being the minimal level of rendering, like the famous block portrait of Abraham Lincoln (the “Lincoln illusion” rst reported by LD Harmon in 1973) (2), they sit on a borderline of recognition and it helps to know the subject. In a world beset by selfies with their immediate gratification, and HD television in all its glory feeding our visual appetite, a Straw Camera image of an individual, with its engineering projection and disappearance of the subject into the near fog of visual capture, gives the viewer a glimpse of just how transitory perception is. – Chris Haynes : Light Captured Moments


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