Sensory Still Life

Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” – Klee (1920) 

Producing my Sersory Still Life I looked a lot at the thinking and theories behind the work of Paul Klee and his philosophy that art goes beyond reproducing what we see. Employing drawing and painting as a philosophical practice and making clear the process and environment in which the art object was made. His work really inspired the concept behind my final field outcome. Coupled with my research and reading in the New Materialisms Constellation class which has also fed into and informed my ideas around these pieces.

“Vision and hearing are now the privileged sociable senses, whereas the other three are considered as archaic sensory remnants with a merely private function, and they are usually suppressed by the code of culture. Only sensations such as the olfactory enjoyment of a meal, fragrance of flowers and responses to temperature are allowed to draw collective awareness in our ocularcentric and obsessively hygienic code of culture” – Pallasmaa, 2005, p. 16

I wanted to create something that pushed me out of prioritising and romanticising sight and vision and that called upon a more holistic approach in its creation.


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