Silhouetted Still Life

The repurposing and reimagining of objects into alternative three dimensional forms present in the work of Tony Cragg seemed really relevant to the processes we explored in our Silhouetted Still Lives lab. Craig’s work with found objects really inspired my group and influenced us to use our found objects to create the shadow of a different but a recognisable form. Looking at his work really got us thinking about things like placement, composition and form. He came to mind after seeing his work ‘Stack’ in the Tate Modern earlier in the year where out of a multitude of refuse looking found objects he created a perfect minimalist cube, it was a really curious juxtaposition of the messy ugliness of discarded objects and the sort of clean cut perfection of minimalism.

Stack 1975 by Tony Cragg born 1949
Stack 1975 Tony Cragg born 1949 Purchased 1997

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