The Haircut


Over the summer I decided to shave all of my hair off. It was a really difficult personal decision to drastically change my look so much but I feel so much happier now I have. Shaving my hair off has totally brought me out of my vanity, the hours I wasted styling and fussing over my un cooperative hair can now be spent on more valuable things. For too long I think I centred my womanhood on my image, now I have to define my femininity and identity in who I am and what I do and I’m a much more complete person for it.

This sculptural triptych, incorporating my own hair encased in resin, documents a sequence of events directly following my shave. They are named “Bath” “Nap” and “Hair of the Dog”, the events they refer to are pretty self explanatory.


Summative Assessment



– A post about an artist that has informed your first final piece for Subject. Hope Gangloff

– A post about an artist that has informed your second final piece for Subject. Hockney and his iPad

– A post about an artist that has informed your final piece for Field. Sensory Still Life

– A post about an influential artwork you saw on a London trip, or any other trip through the year. A Bigger Splash

– A post about an artist of your choice who has inspired your work for either Subject or Field this year. Grayson Perry on Masculinity


– A post documenting one of the material projects that you did at the beginning of the year that has inspired one of your final pieces for Subject. Shaped Painting

– A post documenting one of the Field projects that has influenced the work you have made for your final piece for Field. Silhouetted Still Life

– A post documenting a new material skill that you have learnt through the year. Canvas Making

– A post documenting a piece of work that failed in some way, or did not turn out as you originally planned. Pinhole Camera Challenge

Beaches and Boobs


– A post documenting a key moment in your work through the year of your choosing. Pedicure